Dr. Wight is the only chiropractic physician in the area that uses VAX-D, a non-surgical therapy to treat chronic spinal pain. Used as an alternative to surgery, VAX-D gives the desired result while being both safe and cost effective. It is recommended to get a consultation to see if this will be an effective treatment from our wellness programs.


We provide massage therapy in conjunction with our chiropractic wellness services. Massage Therapy is a form of treatment performed by a trained and certified medical professional. Our wellness programs  for massage therapy use scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of your body (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin) that include applying pressure that is fixed or movable, stretching, holding or causing movement to the body.

Physical Therapy

We know that chronic pain in your neck or back makes life miserable. In many cases, this pain can be reduced or eliminated by one of our trained professionals, such as a chiropractor. The Legacy Health Partners wellness center uses techniques and technology that provides our patients with state-of-the-art-healing to meet their wellness goals.

Sports Performance

At Legacy Health, we don’t just work with people who are hurt or recovering from injury. We also work with athletes to help them perform their best and help with life satisfaction. In fact, nearly all top athletes use chiropractic and physical therapy to keep their body performing at its peak condition.


One of the most effective innovations in treating chronic back pain and disc disorders is non-surgical therapy using a decompression technique or vertebral axial distraction. This is also known as VAX-D therapy. The only place to find this type of therapy in Idaho Falls is with Dr. Wight at Legacy Health Partners. Used as an alternative to surgery, VAX-D gives the patient the desired result while being both safe and cost-effective. 

Drug Testing

There are a few reasons why you might need a drug test. Whether it is because of an issue with drugs or for employment purposes or some other reason, Legacy Health is the place for Idaho Falls drug testing. This service is typically offered for monitoring employee wellness from our health professionals. 

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