Chiropractic FAQs

Yes, Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) can be seen as primary healthcare providers for a variety of healthcare needs. Primarily we focus on conditions that relate to the nerves, muscles, and joints; however, we are trained to perform comprehensive health evaluations and can treat many conditions in the office the same day. For those conditions that require surgery or medical intervention, we can serve as a portal of entry and establish a referral with a specialist.

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems. Chiropractic treatment has an excellent safety record. However, there are no health treatments that come without some degree of risk. However, the risks that come with chiropractic work are very small. In most cases, chiropractic patients feel relief right away after a treatment. In some cases, people do experience a little stiffness or soreness like you would the day after exercising. This minor amount of discomfort typically goes away with 24 hours. (Information courtesy of

Yes. Many expectant mothers find that chiropractic adjustments neuromusculoskeletal system adjustments improve their pregnancy and even improve their delivery. In the case of pregnancy, adjusting methods are adapted to a patient’s health condition, weight, size, and age.

Yes. Everyone can be helped with chiropractic care — including children. Kids are often more physically active than adults and endure more falls and injuries from their activity. Especially if they participate in sports. These injuries can lead to many symptoms that can be helped with chiropractic care. Our treatment is adapted to meet the needs of each individual patient. When it comes to children, our professional staff is very gentle. (Information courtesy of

The chiropractor will use their hands (or in some cases, an instrument) to manipulate joints in your body. This is mostly done to the spine. This is done to help restore the function of the joints and helps to remedy pain and inflammation. The procedure is adapted to meet the needs of each individual patient. (Information courtesy of

The adjustment of a joint sometimes releases a gas bubble that is between the joints. This makes the popping sound. The noise comes from the change of pressure in that joint. There is usually no discomfort involved in this. (Information courtesy of

The desire to “pop” or “crack” a joint is often caused by tension from a jammed or fixated joint segment. This causes other parts of the spine or joint structures in question to compensate by moving too much with the potential of popping a lot. The restricted joints should be adjusted by a chiropractor, so that the rest of the spinal column (or joint structure) will become more balanced and move in a more natural motion.

If you continue to self adjust then the joints above or below the restricted area may begin to wear and tear prematurely leading to conditions such as degeneration joint disease and arthritis. In reality, that joint that you think is being adjusted when you crack it yourself, usually isn’t. It’s the extensive training of a chiropractor, who has the ability to adjust the restricted joints in question properly.

Yes. Chiropractors are being recognized to treat patients in hospitals and outpatient facilities for non-hospitalized patients. (Information courtesy of

Chiropractors are educated as primary-contact health care providers. They are trained with an emphasis the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are related to the musculoskeletal system. This includes the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine and the extremities — and the nerves that supply them.

The educational standards for a chiropractor are about as stringent as they come in health care. Most chiropractic college applicants have already completed four years of pre-medical undergraduate college education. Chiropractic college requirements are typically another 4-5 years. A large portion of this time is spent on clinical technique training to master the manipulative procedures that are essential to chiropractic care. Chiropractic college curriculum requirements include a minimum of 4,200 hours. (Information courtesy of


Massage Therapy FAQs

Arrive early to get your paperwork filled out. This cover some of your health history, any areas of concern, your level of pain and personal contact information. There is also a privacy policy and a consent form. Your therapist may also conduct a short interview before beginning the massage because each appointment is custom fit to the individual client and where you are in the healing/relaxation process.

After the interview, the therapist leaves the room while you undress to a comfortable level. Then, you can lay on the table and cover yourself with the sheet. The therapist will knock on the door before coming back in the room.

During the massage, you will lay on the massage table under the sheets. Please let the therapist know if, at any time, you are uncomfortable. Speak up if you are cold, don’t like the music or want a different level of pressure applied.

We suggest our clients to undress to a comfortable level. For some, that is completely naked, while others leave some garments on. Your therapist will be able to work around the garments you keep on. Remember, we want you to be fully relaxed and comfortable so you can get the most out of your massage session.

Your massage therapist will use a technique known as draping. After you have undressed, you’ll lay on the table under a sheet. Then the therapist will only uncover the body part being worked on.

A Doctor of Chiropractic can diagnose and treat every organ system of the human body and practically every health care condition. On the other hand, a massage therapist is limited to working in areas dealing with muscle tension, circulation, body fluid drainage, and so forth.

If you want to talk then you are welcome to do that. We want to make sure that you are comfortable so, go ahead and do what will help you relax and get the most out of your massage. If you are someone who would rather keep quiet and relax, that is great. But we do want you to speak up if anything is making you feel uncomfortable.

There are different types of massages that may be used for different reasons. The type of massage and the depth of the stroke that is used. Each appointment is personalized to your needs so if there is something that is uncomfortable or hurting, we can find a different option for you.

Physical Therapy FAQs

A physical therapist is an expert in the movement and function of the human body. They use this knowledge and training to help people of all ages and conditions. This includes people recovering from surgery, an injury, athletes that want to improve their performance or anyone else. A physical therapist will also help their patients learn how to take care of themselves and do exercises on their own.

Some parts of physical therapy treatment can be painful. This is a natural part of the recovery process in many cases. There are many techniques that we can use, so it is important for you to be open and communicate with your therapist about how you are feeling during the therapy process.

Physical therapy involves movement and stretching. And in some cases, exercise. So, you will want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move as needed. You should also be sure to wear comfortable shoes that will give your feet support.

Physical therapy is frequently covered by health insurance. Make sure you check with your provider to know exactly what your options are. This will help us determine the best course of action for your situation.

Other FAQs

At Legacy Health, we are committed transforming your healthcare. With our team of skilled physicians that are experts in their fields, we can treat almost any condition you might be facing.

Whether you have back pain, arthritis, are under the weather, or anything else — give us a call and we’ll get you back on track.


For a majority of people, health insurance does cover chiropractic care. In the event that your health insurance does not, please know that we are willing to work with you in any way that we can. Don’t let a lack of financial resources prevent you from getting the healthcare that you deserve. Many of our patients utilize our affordable Time of Service Plans.

Of course. Many times adjusting methods are adapted to a patient’s health condition, weight, size, and age.
Unfortunately, up to half of those who have had spinal surgery, discover a return of their original symptoms months or even years later. Many people don’t realize that if chiropractic care had been utilized initially then back surgery could have possibly been avoided.
The first approach to healthcare issues should always be approached from the most conservative therapy available. Only after other conservative methods have been exhausted, should more aggressive approaches, like drugs and surgery, be implemented.

No. Since chiropractic physicians are primary care doctors, no referral is necessary. On the flip side, many chiropractors refer to medical specialists if needed.

It depends on how you look at life. If you really care about your health, then I’m sure you already take preventative measures such as going to the dentist for the routine check-up. Chiropractic care is no different. Once you feel what it’s like to have a body which is balanced, less stressed, and more energetic, you probably won’t want to go back to the state where you may have been. While I’m not advocating coming in once a week or even once a month when you’re in a healthy state, I do advocate coming in for that periodic check-up. All in all, you’re the one in charge, I’m merely one who’s offering you a peak in your performance.

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