Conditions A Chiropractor Near Me Can Treat

Man with low back pain needing a chiropractor near me

You deserve to live a pain-free life. We want to help make that happen. A chiropractor can treat a variety of conditions that are related to the structure of your body. Chiropractic care is not about using medicine or surgery to relieve your pain and increase your function.

Instead, we focus on the patient and the adjustment or manipulation of your spine and other parts of the body to ensure they are in the correct position. And have proper alignment. Putting your body in the correct alignment allows it to heal naturally. Chiropractic techniques can work for these common conditions — if one or more of them is preventing you from living pain-free — come see us and get relief.

Low Back Pain

If you are dealing with low back pain, you are not alone. It happens to close to 80 percent of Americans at some point from normal wear and tear of the joints and discs in the spine. This is one of the most common reasons people get chiropractic services. There are a bunch more causes too — including sprains and strains, herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and sports injuries. Spinal manipulation can do wonders for low back pain. And it is frequently a better option than visiting a family doctor.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are common and cause discomfort in the back of your head and in your neck. These headaches are commonly caused by bad posture and/or stress. They are It can ruin your entire day. Fortunately, this is an issue that a chiropractic adjustment for your neck can help. We may also suggest some stretching exercises to help as well.

Sacroiliac Pain

Don’t know what your sacroiliac (SI joint) is? Most people don’t. It is a large joint that is at the bottom of your spine. When something is wrong with this joint, you’ll likely feel pain in your bottom or the back of the thigh. Chiropractic services and core muscle exercises can help. It will also be important to learn about how you can avoid straining that joint.


A migraine creates severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation on the side of the head. In many cases, it comes with nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Spinal manipulations can help to decrease the frequency and effects of these painful migraines. In addition, we can help with some nutritional tips as certain foods are thought to be a trigger for migraines.


diagram of whiplash injuryWhiplash is basically a neck sprain and most of the time is caused by a car accident. This injury causes pain and stiffness in your neck. Some people even get dizzy or feel sick to their stomach. Chiropractors, physical therapy, and even massage will help. Our physical therapy team will help you perform specifically designed exercises that will build your strength and range of motion. This program will be individualized to meet your specific needs.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be disabling, but it can also be treated with an adjustment. Realignment of the vertebrae in your neck and shoulders will help the vertebra to function properly and eliminate muscle spasms. When combined with physical therapy and specifically designed neck exercises, this treatment is more beneficial than medication that just helps relieve the pain. This is especially true for any situation where you have been experiencing pain in your neck for an extended period of time.

Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors do much more than just helping with neck or back pain. Another part of the body that can be improved with chiropractic care is the shoulders. Are yours stiff or painful? You might be suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome. Chiropractic care and physical therapy can reduce/eliminate your pain and increase your range of motion. We can also show you how to do proper stretching that will help your shoulders feel better.

Knee Pain

Girl Soccer Player With Sports Injuries At Physical TherapistYour knees go through a lot of wear and tear. This can lead to a condition called osteoarthritis. It happens to a lot of people and working with a chiropractor can help. We frequently adjust the legs and knees in addition to the back or neck of our patients. Exercise helps too. In a short time, you’ll have less pain and better movement in your knees.


Yep. It’s true. People suffering from asthma have found some relief through chiropractic visits. But this is in addition to — not instead of — treatment or advice from your medical doctor. Having a chiropractor put your body, spine, and nerves back into the right alignment — everything is able to perform better. This includes the organs and nerves that allow you to breathe.

Plus, anyone who has been dealing with asthma for a long period of time may have alignment issues caused by living with the condition for so long. Especially with your spine and ribcage. A chiropractor can help correct this and enable your thoracic cavity to expand properly so it is easier to breathe.

Immune Systems

Here’s an example of how the human body is a complex system that works together for optimal health. The nervous system and immune system are major components of the body. And spinal manipulation has an impact on your nerve function. Spinal problems can cause a decrease in nerve function which may lead to your immune system operating at a less than optimal level. A chiropractor will improve issues with nerve function, which in turn, will help your immune system do its job effectively.


Fibromyalgia is miserable to live with. It brings chronic pain and fatigue. The worst part is that there is no cure. However, patients have had improvement with chiropractic visits. The treatment you’ll receive from a chiropractor allows for a positive impact on the nervous system. In addition, proper alignment of your spine will relieve pressure in your body and improve mobility, making it easier to deal with fibromyalgia and a better quality of life.

TMJ Problems

Chiropractic treatment is effective in dealing with the pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles of your jaw caused by TMJ. Chiropractors can help to relax those muscles and adjust the joints to enable the jaw to be repositioned properly. This helps improve the headaches, pain in the ears and neck, and jaw locking that can come with TMJ.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not just for tennis players. It is a condition that is caused by overuse of the elbow. Excessive repetitive motion can cause inflammation in your forearm muscles and tendons. It makes it difficult to do much of anything with the impact arm. But, adjustments and physical therapy can help relieve the condition pretty quickly.


Most people don’t realize the variety of conditions can be treated effectively through regular chiropractic care. If you haven’t been a patient to a chiropractor before and want to learn more about how we can help you transform your healthcare and live pain-free — give us a call anytime. You don’t even need to search for a chiropractor near me. Or you check our FAQ page for more information.

We are much more than just a chiropractic clinic in Idaho Falls. We believe in helping others take control of their health by transforming their healthcare. It’s why we have united chiropractic, nutrition, massage therapy, and physical therapy services in one office. When you come to see us, you’ll receive reasonably priced, high-quality, personalized care. So, if you have tension headaches, chronic pain, or something else going on — visiting a chiropractor will likely go a long way towards improving your health and get back to living the life you want to lead.

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