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Chiropractic Services

Treat acute and chronic back pain, Idaho Falls, ID. Dr. Wight is the only physician in the area that uses VAX-D, a non-surgical therapy to treat chronic spinal pain. Used as an alternative to surgery, VAX-D gives the desired result while being both safe and cost effective.

VAX-D is used to treat back and neck pain by using a patented smooth logarithmic curve method to distract the spine. Dr. Wight uses this decompression system with biofeedback and multi-axis motion control. The treatment relieves pressure on the structures that cause back pain such as herniated or bulging discs as well as degenerative disc disease. Studies have shown that VAX-D treatment has better outcomes than physical therapy, TENS, ultrasound, acupuncture, epidural steroid injections, lumbar support belts, and surgery.

Manage back pain Idaho Falls, ID with VAX-D. Studies have shown that it significantly improved disability scores and pain by the end of the treatment. Treatment length varies by the severity of the condition, but typically twenty treatments are given, once a day, five days a week. It involves lying face-down (or face-up) on the table with a pelvic harness applied. The patient holds adjustable hand grips or uses passive arm-rest restraints. Then the system applies a smooth logarithmic time/force curve that relaxes the trunk and back muscles.

Treatment is recommended for patients with lumbar or cervical back pain Idaho Falls has VAX-D at Wight Chiropractic through Dr. Wight. It has been known that heavy lifting and rotation can increase disc pressures and result in pain. Nurses, mechanics, mining, and construction are high risk occupations for back pain. Even people with sciatica (foot and leg pain and numbness) or a previous back surgery that had failed, are candidates for the treatment. Non-treatable conditions include spinal tumors, vertebral fractures, spinal infections, pregnancy, spondylolisthesis, and osteoporosis, just to name a few.

VAX-D for the treatment of back pain Idaho Falls, is helping patients lead more productive lives. Many people are able to return to regular activities after four weeks. It is reassuring to know that while surgery, anesthesia, and injections are avoided with spinal decompression of VAX-D, patients can be confident they are getting the best state-of-the-art treatment.


Looking for a Safe and Effective Alternative to Back Surgery?

For those suffering from back pain, the thought of having to succumb to back surgery may be dreadful. The process of back surgery is incredibly uncomfortable and the recovery is not easy. Fortunately, thanks to the numerous technological advances that have been made over the past decade in the chiropractic field, many options exist that are often as effective as back surgery but less invasive and devoid of the complications that back surgery may cause. Those who are looking for a chiropractic Idaho Falls clinic that offers alternatives to surgery will be happy to learn of vertebral axial decompression therapy (VAX-D) offered by Dr. Wight.

One reason that Dr. Wight offers the best Idaho Falls chiropractic clinic is that VAX-D can potentially be as effective as surgery. VAX-D works by alternately stretching and relaxing the lower spine in order to relieve pressure on structures in the lower back that are the source of the back pain. This method is significantly more comfortable than any surgical procedure and invokes little discomfort in the patient, making Dr. Wight an excellent choice for those seeking chiropractor Idaho Falls.

Another reason that VAX-D is such a favorable alternative for those looking for a chiropractic Idaho Falls clinic is due to the fact that it is completely risk free. While mistakes during surgery are not incredibly common, they do occur and can often be quite devastating. With VAX-D, the risks are completely minimal and because it is not invasive, there is no chance of causing excessive harm to your back. For this reason, many people who are contemplating enlisting the help of a chiropractor Idaho Falls will choose VAX-D instead of invasive measures.

Overall, those who are seeking a chiropractor Idaho Falls will clearly find Dr. Wight to offer the best Idaho Falls chiropractic clinic in the area. No other Idaho Falls chiropractic clinic offers the VAX-D, making it truly unique in the chiropractic Idaho Falls field. Unless you wish to endure the pains and risks of an invasive back surgery as well as a slow recovery, look no further than the VAX-D offered by Dr. Wight.

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